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Learn how you can get a free iPod Touch

“How can I get a Free iPod Touch?” is one of the MAIN questions people keep asking me.

This shows how amazingly popular this Apple gadget is and how so many people still wants to get one!

But unfortunately, many people don’t have the budget to buy an iPod right now, right? It’s an Apple product so you know it won’t be cheap if you buy it on the stores…

For this reason, I’ve decided to publish this article to explain in detail how you can get a free iPod Touch online (or any other versions like the iPod classic, iPod shuffle or iPod Nano, using a proven method that many of our readers already tried with great results in the past (our testimonial page is still growing each day eh!).

Are you interested?

So, let’s jump right in!

It doesn’t matter if you want a free iPod touch, a free iPod Nano, a free iPod shuffle or iPod classic, with this method you can get any of these by following the same process. The choice is yours!

“So… how can I get a free iPod touch?”

I am glad you asked! As you know, the internet is a place where new and creative business and ideas grow every day. It’s by using one of these models that is possible to get stuff for free on the internet with no effort for us, the consumers.

Many companies know that Apple products are so wanted, so in order to advertise their stuff, they give its users the opportunity to get free products. In this case I’ll cover the iPod:

Let’s talk about Freebiejeebies for a moment. This is one of the BIGGEST freebie companies available worldwide. No matter what other people say, this company is the most effective and safest way to get your stuff for free without getting into scams or without wasting your time on surveys for nothing.

I always had a positive experience using them in the past (I used them to get my free iPhones), so I have no problems in advising you to give Freebiejeebies a try as well.

You have nothing to lose so why not?

Let’s get into the process:

To get a free iPod touch, or other gadget of your choice, there is only a 3 quick step process that you have to follow and you’re set!

Step 1: Sign up on Freebiejeebies

Well, it’s just a quick free sign up as you are used to do on other sites around the web.

Click here to sign up.

In this page you can chose your free iPod Touch (or other gift if you prefer) and submit an email address. After that you will be asked to fill some basic details that are used to send you the free gift. Freebiejeebies doesn’t spam your email so it’s a HUGE plus. To finish the process, just confirm your email address.

Step 2: Complete a FREE offer of your choice

Freebiejeebies, like other freebie companies around, pays the gadgets they send us with money they get from the companies they advertise. As you want to get your stuff without spending money, simply scroll through the offers page on the Freebiejeebies site and chose a free trial or a cheap offer if you prefer (they are around $5 – that’s only a small portion of a full cost of the iPod Touch!). By doing this, your account will be now totally confirmed and you are ready for the final step.

Step 3: Refer some people to do the same

Now that you have a full account, what you have to do now is to tell your family and friends to do the same you just did! You can post on Facebook and twitter to get even more people. Simply use the “referral link” you will find on your account. For the iPod Touch 16 GB you only need 13 people (I bet you have more than that on your Facebook and twitter accounts eh).

And that’s it!

After you get the referrals needed, the iPod touch will be sent to your home address with free shipping, and this works for every country wordwide! If you want more info about Freebiejeebies and how it works check the exceem forum, a community of freebie users, or drop me a message on win-gadgets.com. I will gladly help you 🙂

Now go to the Step 1 and start the process for your free gift!

When you get yours, don’t forget to send me a picture of it if you want to be on our testimonial “wall of fame” page 😀


If you know a friend that also wants a free iPod touch or another gadget, send them this post and he will thank you for that later!

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