Now You Can Have a Free iPhone 6 – The Guide


The new iPhone 6 has been a huge sucess. With millions of phones already sold by Apple almost everyone have one or will buy it in the future.

But there’s a problem:  It’s tremendously expensive!

In fact, not everyone can afford an iPhone 6 right now. But if you are in this situation, don’t worry, there’s still hope and you can get an iPhone without paying for it.

Some companies use the popularity of the Apple products to advertise their brand and get some new potential customers. And for that they offer Free iPhones.

In this guide I’ll show you how you can get an brand new iPhone for free

Incentive Marketing Companies (works for almost every country in the world!)

For this guide I will use the Xpango company. With this company, you can get any gadget from their list for free.  It’s fast and easy as completing three simple steps.

It’s as simple as one, two, three:

Step 1: Sign up  on Xpango

The first thing to do is to Sign up on Xpango here. In this page you can choose all the gifts you can get. Select the one you wish to win first. You can select a different one later when you are signed in if you change your mind.  Type your name and e-mail address in the upper left corner and click” Get started!”:

Sign up Xpango

You will be asked now to fill a few details. This information is needed so Xpango know where they should send your gadgets. Xpango is a registered company and all information submitted is protected by DPA, so you can know you are safe. They don’t send any kind of spam so it’s a plus. You can see their privacy policy page on their website for more information on this. To finish the sign up process don’t forget to check your e-mail and confirm your account.

Step 2: Complete a FREE offer

This step involves completing one offer with a company of your choice from the ones available. There are plenty of offers you can choose from depending of the country you live. Some of the offers are FREE trials and there are plenty of cheap services as well. Most of the companies are well known brands and their services are great so choose wisely which one you prefer and enjoy from it.

Why you must complete an offer? Check the How it works section to understand why.

To complete this step, select the “Complete offers” on the right side of the screen and select the offer you wish to complete. Read the description of the offer so you know what you need to do to complete it the right way. You have to do exactly what it says on the description of the offer or it won’t be considered completed.

Complete offer

For each offer completed you will get an ammount of credits that will be used to get the free gift. Here is a list of the most recomended offers:

Toluna Survey’s – Available for USA, UK, CA and AU users only

(TOP RECOMENDED) This is a easy offer to complete. It’s Free and  it doesn’t require any credit card information. To complete it and get a credit you just have to complete 1 full survey.

eMusic – Available for all users worldwide

eMusic is one of the most popular music download services in the world. This offers is a Free Trial and you also get $10 Music Credit (approx. 20 songs).

Lumosity –  Available for all users worldwide

Lumosity Brain games help to improve memory and attention. This is a Free 14 day Trial and to get a credit you just have to sign up and play some games.

Audible – Available for USA users only

Audible is the leading provider of premium digital audio information and entertainment. To get a credit form this offer just complete the 30 day Free Trial.

Blockbuster UK – Available for UK users only

Try Blockbuster and get a 2 week trial for just £1. There’s no obligation to continue after your trial. To qualify for the Credit, you must receive actual DVD’s (no postage cost).

Step 3: Refer Friends  for more credits

You can get more credits through referrals. Referrals are the people that sign up to Xpango through your referral link. When you  sign up at Xpango you will receive your own unique referral link. You can find this link in the “My Account”after you sign in.

Referral linkYou can get referrals using different methods. You can tweet your referral link, post it on your facebook profile (or in any other social networks you use), send it by email to your contacts, use it as the signature on your favorite forums and so on. The possibilites are endless and the referrals will start coming!

And that’s it!

When all the 3 steps are completed, the free gift you have chosen will be shipped directly to your door without any cost for you (yes Xpango will take care of that). All you have to do now is to enjoy your first free gadget. The best thing is that when you show to your family and friends that you have already received a free gadget from FreebieJeebies it will be even easier to convert them into new referrals! Soon you will get your second and third gadgets and so on.

We like to be in touch with the people we help, so when you get your hands on your freebie, send us a message or a picture of it and help us grow our Testimonials page. Good luck!

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