New Freebiejeebies design is now live and it arrived with a surprise!

Freeebiejeebies new look

The new Freebiejeebies look

After being announced in the beginning of the summer, the site redesign is finally live!

It’s only available in one site of the network as it’s still in beta mode, but soon it will be available on the whole network if everything goes right.

The developers are now correcting some minor bugs on the code and testing how the conversion rates look like in the new design compared to the old one. If the new design works better, it will be extended to the whole Freebiejeebies network.

The reaction of the veteran “freebie hunters” is mostly positive. Everyone loves the new look of the site, and the professional look it has.

This new design is great for new users as it’s easier to sign up and navigate through the website. For the older users it is also a great upgrade from the last design as it looks new and fresh and it’s pleasant to work with.

New features on Freebiejeebies

The changes on the new Freebiejeebies website are not only design related. This new version came with a new and great feature that will help everyone, from new to old users, to get their free stuff faster than ever before!

After completing the initial offer to activate the account, a new tab named “FJ Rewards” will appear on the website. This is where you can complete more offers yourself in exchange for points, which can then be cashed in for referral credits. With this new feature everyone can now get free stuff by completing offers alone without having to get the full amount of referrals required.

It’s more like a “self-service” freebie site now 🙂

My personal review on the new features and design

This was a needed update.

The old Freebiejeebies website was already outdated and I felt it was scaring some potential users away.
Most people already feel skeptical about getting free stuff on the internet and the older website style wasn’t helping much. The new look on other hand is clean and professional and it’s what we, as internet users, are expecting to find this days.

About the new “FJ Rewards” feature, it was a nice surprise and a great addition to the website. This feature alone will bring some old freebie hunters back in the game, and hopefully will also bring more users to the network. With more users, more free stuff will be rewarded and more people will then join in the future, awarding us with more referrals for our own free stuff. I’m looking forward to try this new feature to help my journey to my second Free iPhone 5 🙂

Some offers award more points than others so expect to have more free and easy offers to complete. Freebiejeebies only had offers that would pay them enough money to be profitable to their business. With the point system, they can use all kinds of offers. The ones that reward less money to them will also award fewer points to us as users, but we now have a bigger list of offers to complete without spending any money.

In the end, it will be easier and faster to get our free gifts and that’s what really matters.

What about you? What do you thing about the path Freebiejeebies is taking now?

If you didn’t joined Freebiejeebies yet, sign up here to get your first freebie and join our community!

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