iPad Mini 7- inch 8GB for $200?

The rumors that there will be an iPad Mini launched with a smaller screen has been gaining more strength over the last days. And if the price of this new iDevice starts on $200 as it has been noticed, then it will be for sure a winner on this market. Until now all the information about it is just rumors but they have been becoming stronger and stronger with the time so there is something going on with no doubt. I suspect that we don’t have to wait much time until more news come to us.

If the rumors came to be true, the new iPad Mini will have a 7,85 inch screen with the same resolution as its “bigger brother” iPad 3rd generation of 2048×1536, but with a pixel density of 326 (same as the iPhone 4S and superior to the iPad 3).

The price should be around $200-$250 so it can compete with the Amazon Kindle Fire. To achieve that with a screen of this quality, Apple will have to make some reduction costs on the hardware though. The iPad 7-inch will probably have only 8GB of memory which can be a problem for some of the potential users if we think in the size of the movies and apps for a screen of this quality. iCloud can be a solution for this though.

If the rumors become true in the future, with this features it feels like another winner for Apple. One thing is sure. If the iPad Mini becomes a reality, it will be part of the already vast catalog of the gifts we can get for free on Freebiejeebies. At the cost of $200 it would be only needed to get 8-9 referrals to get so it would be an easy freebie to get. Let’s wait and see what Apple have in mind for us in the future.

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