“How Xpango afford the gadgets they offer?”

This is one of the most asked questions and the answer is surprisingly easy:

Xpango uses a form of affiliate marketing called incentive marketing.

The process is easy: the companies pay Xpango (which is the “affiliate”) for each customer they send to them! So when you do any offer on the Xpango website, they are getting a commission for it, creating a source of income that supports the business.

Part of the money they get from this process is used to buy your free gadgets! (So they are totally free for you!) The rest of the money is kept as profit for their business (they are still a company right? :))

To keep track of everything, Xpango uses a great “Credit” system to reward the users with the free gifts.

When you sign up and choose your gift, you will get a ‘Referral ID’ which is used to safe the credits. These credits can easily be gained by doing simply things as completing the offers on their page (some of them are Free Trials so you won’t spend a dime here), referring your friends to do the same or if you want, buy “clix packages” (keep in mind that it’s not needed if you don’t want to).

 Confused? See how the system works in practice: 

 How xpango works

As you can see, after you sign up on Xpango and order your free gift, you will get the Referral ID. After that just some of the Free trial offers and get your friends to do the same for you and that’s it.

Everyone in this process benefits from it, making it a triple win-win-win situation: You get stuff for free, Xpango gets a final profit and the companies get advertisement and new potential costumers to their business 🙂

As long as you keep getting new credits you can get as much gadgets as you want. You only need to complete one offer to activate your account and after that the sky is the limit!

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