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get a free ipod touch

Learn how you can get a free iPod Touch

“How can I get a Free iPod Touch?” is one of the MAIN questions people keep asking me.

This shows how amazingly popular this Apple gadget is and how so many people still wants to get one!

But unfortunately, many people don’t have the budget to buy an iPod right now, right? It’s an Apple product so you know it won’t be cheap if you buy it on the stores…

For this reason, I’ve decided to publish this article to explain in detail how you can get a free iPod Touch online (or any other versions like the iPod classic, iPod shuffle or iPod Nano, using a proven method that many of our readers already tried with great results in the past (our testimonial page is still growing each day eh!).

Are you interested?

So, let’s jump right in!

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Freeebiejeebies new look

The new Freebiejeebies look

After being announced in the beginning of the summer, the site redesign is finally live!

It’s only available in one site of the network as it’s still in beta mode, but soon it will be available on the whole network if everything goes right.

The developers are now correcting some minor bugs on the code and testing how the conversion rates look like in the new design compared to the old one. If the new design works better, it will be extended to the whole Freebiejeebies network.

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get a free iphone 5

How to get a free iPhone 5 online

There are a couple of ways to get a free iPhone 5 online.

And once you know them, there is no need for you to spend thousands to get your hands in one.

Luckily, it’s not hard to do, especially if you are willing to follow the steps I will show here 🙂

With over 5 million sales on the first week, the iPhone 5 is an even bigger success than the iPhone 4S. It’s simply one of the best smartphones you can have at this moment. No questions here.

But there’s a problem – and a substantial one: It’s tremendously expensive! (It’s Apple right?)

Ok so here’s how you can deal with this “problem”:

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The Profinity’s famous shopping club has a new offer that US and Canada residents will absolutely love. When you try their 14 day trial for $2.98 you will get a $25 voucher which you can use in any Walmart store near your home. For each sign up they also offer:

  • A $25 restaurant voucher
  • A full year magazine subscription
  • Access to cash back offers and more!

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