Apple will replace Google Maps for it’s own GPS

The next version of the iPhone can come already with a new GPS system owned by Apple, leaving Google Maps behind which is being used until now. This feature will probably be available on the next iOS 6. The rumors point that the new Apple GPS will be similar to Google Maps but it will be faster, more reliable and more user friendly than the Google’s alternative.

Apple already had the control on the Google Maps design, but was Google who controlled the GPS. With this new application that will be named as “Maps”, Apple will now have the total control using the companies based on maps and GPS acquired over the last 3 years: Placebase, C3 Technologies and Poly9.

Besides the new normal features of a new GPS system, the highlight is the quality of the images, result of the C3 Technologies that is specialized in maps using 3D models. Rumors point to the WWDC Apple’s event for programmers in June as the local for the presentation of this new navigation system.

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